Chanthia Ma

LoadingChanthia Ma, Harvard Medical School

Chanthia Ma is currently a second year MD/PhD candidate at Harvard Medical School in the Harvard-MIT Health, Science, and Technology (HST) Program. She graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB). At Yale, Chanthia founded Yale STEAM, an undergraduate organization exploring the intersections between arts and sciences, and served as Editor in Chief of the 2017 Yale Banner. She was on the Student Advisory Committees for her MCDB major as well as Directed Studies, an intensive one year humanities program at Yale, and is very passionate about building meaningful connections across distinct disciplines of study.

Before medical school, Chanthia spent one year in Taiwan studying advanced Chinese and literary Chinese as a Richard U. Light Fellow. Her non-scientific interests include ancient Western and Eastern philosophy, literary Chinese, fine arts and graphic design, and the arts and humanities in medicine. Her scientific interests include neuroscience and aging, cultivated through her time conducting research in epilepsy and consciousness at Yale and stem cell aging at Stanford as an Amgen Scholar.

Chanthia served previously as the Harvard Medical School representative to the Harvard Graduate Council and the President of the HGC. She is also currently a non-resident tutor in Medicine, Fellowships, and Race Relations for Lowell House at Harvard College.