About HGC

The Harvard Graduate Council (HGC), previously known as the Harvard Graduate Student Government (HGSG), is a student government representing all twelve of Harvard University's graduate and professional schools. HGC is responsible for advocating on behalf of graduate students before the school's central administrators, including the President of Harvard University and the Provost's Office.

HGC serves as a steward of the "One Harvard" movement, which aims to bridge the physical and cultural distance between Harvard's 12 graduate schools by means of inter-school collaboration, joint advocacy, and promotion of greater social interaction. In addition, HGC organizes university-wide initiatives and events, administers funding for university-wide student groups (USGs), and represents the Harvard graduate student population in relations with other universities and external organizations. HGC also collaborates with its undergraduate counterpart, the Harvard Undergraduate Council.


The governing body of the HGC is made of an Executive Board and School Representatives.