School Representatives

At HGC, each of Harvard's twelve graduate schools is represented by a single voting represenative and up to three non-voting representatives per school.  The non-voting representatives may attend all general assemblies but they can only cast a vote in the absence of the primary voting representative. The selection of all representatives is at the discretion of each school's local student government, not the HGC. Individuals interested in representing their school at HGC are advised to contact their school's local student government.

Below you may find a list of 2018-2019 academic year voting representatives by school, with a link to the local school government which they represent.  

School Voting Representative Student Government

Harry Won

Harry Won

GSAS Student Council (GSC)
GSD Malone Matson Student Forum
HBS Branden Crouch Student Association (HBSSA)
HDS Anna Del Castillo Student Association (HDSSA)

Anthony Zlaket

Student Association (HESA)
HGSE Tre Tennyson Student Council
HKS Bahaa El-Taweal Student Government (KSSG)


Daniel Egel-Weiss

Student Government

Chanthia Ma

Chanthia Ma

Student Council
HSDM Hirad Zafari Student Council

Bryan O. Buckley

Bryan Buckley

Student Association (HSCA)
SEAS Paul Tylkin Graduate Council (SEAS-GC)