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About Us

The Harvard Graduate Council (HGC), previously known as the Harvard Graduate Student Government (HGSG), is a student government representing all twelve of Harvard University's graduate and professional schools. HGC is responsible for advocating on behalf of graduate students before the school's central administrators, including the President of Harvard University and the Provost's Office. We are governed by our Constitution and Bylaws, ratified at a regular meeting of the Harvard Graduate Council on April 3, 2017.


Our Executive Board

President and Vice President


Chairs of Advocacy, Finance, Information, Operations and Student Life

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Vice Chairs of Communication, Community Engagement, Governance, Policy and Student Groups

   Tara Bassi Amreen Poonawala Peter Choi  Cynthia Ahmed  Said Bilani


Get Involved

Join our email distro list.
Attend our biweekly 
Check with your school's student government about HGC representation or run for election to one of our Executive Board positions.