University Student Groups (USG)

The University Student Group (USG) program is administered by the Harvard Graduate Council on behalf of the Office of the Provost. Visit the program website here for more information ( or contact Marshall Page.

Student groups at Harvard provide valuable educational and social opportunities for students and give them the opportunity to form connections around common academic, cultural, political, and social interests. Student groups can also contribute to the overall intellectual and social life of the University, and can enrich the opportunities and experience of Harvard students, faculty, and staff, by offering programming and events that are consistent with the University’s teaching and research mission.

Interested in collaborating with students from across Harvard schools? 

The University Student Group applications are now live- All students interested in starting a University wide student group, existing student groups interested in collaborating with student groups from other schools – This is your opportunity to apply to be a University Student Group (USG). 

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University Student Groups

Student Group  Contact Info
Harvard Black Graduate Student Alliance
Harvard Argentine Student Society
Harvard University Effective Altruism Student Group
Harvard Arab Student Association
Harvard Saudi Student Association
Harvard Colombian Students Society
Central American Student's Association
Harvard University Effective Altruism Student Group
Harvard University Mexican Association of Students
Harvard Puerto Rican Student Association
Harvard Pan-Asian Graduate Student Alliance (PAGSA)
Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Harvard Italian Student Society
Harvard Association of Chilean Students
Central Asian Student Association Harvard
Harvard Venezuelan Student Association - HVSA
HAPS - Harvard University Association of Peruvian Students
Harvard University Paraguayan Student Association