University-Wide Student Groups (USG)

The University -Wide Student Group (USG) program is administered by the Harvard Graduate Council on behalf of the Office of the Provost. Visit the program website here for more information ( or contact Marshall Page. The annual deadline for applications/renewal requests is Monday, October 22.

University Student Group Program

Student groups at Harvard provide valuable educational and social opportunities for students and give them the opportunity to form connections around common academic, cultural, political, and social interests. Student groups can also contribute to the overall intellectual and social life of the University, and can enrich the opportunities and experience of Harvard students, faculty, and staff, by offering programming and events that are consistent with the University’s teaching and research mission.

There is a strong presumption that student groups typically belong in a particular Faculty, where local expertise best aligns with a group’s mission. As part of a pilot program, a limited number of University Student Groups (USGs) will continue to be selected via a competitive application process each fall. As noted in the 2015-16 Handbook, groups approved last fall must re-apply for the 2016-17 year and are not guaranteed renewal. This Handbook outlines the requirements and processes that must be followed for student groups to obtain University-wide recognition through this program, and lists policies and guidelines that approved University Student Groups must follow.

Please note that approval as a University Student Group does not denote any funding commitment on the part of central administration, nor does it guarantee access to resources such as physical space, student affairs staff, or avenues for advertising. Student groups and their officers and members still must seek resources and abide by the policies of the Schools within Harvard University. University Student Groups should recognize that the individual Schools may not necessarily provide the same privileges and resources (space, funding, advising, etc.) to USGs as they do to School-based groups, and that Harvard may withhold or revoke a group’s recognition if the group’s activities are in conflict with the University’s teaching and research mission or activities.