If you are a Harvard graduate student and you have concerns that cannot be addressed by your local school adminsitration, HGC may be able to raise your concerns at the level of Harvard's central administation. Please note that HGC handles only matters that have university-wide, inter-school, or systemic implications --we do not address strictly individual or local matters. We regularly take a stand on issues affecting the general student body safety, fairness, and wellbeing.

In addition to internal Harvard issues, HGC may take a stand on outside political or societal matters if the Council determines that these external issues have the potential to directly affect the Harvard community in a significant way. We recognize the diversity of backgrounds and opinions at Harvard, and as a result, there will be times when the Council decides not to take a particular stance, instead providing the Harvard community with resources from multiple perspectives and allowing graduate students to form their own opinions.

If you believe that HGC may be of assistance, please send an email to and