Chair of Information

Gabriel Omar Pagan Gonzalez, Harvard Graduate School of Art and Science

Gabriel Omar Pagan Gonzalez is a first year PhD student in the Biology and Biomedical Sciences Program at the Harvard Medical School within the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. As an undergrad, Gabriel studied at the University of Puerto Rico- Recinto de Mayaguez. Gabriel has been an avid researcher in the biomedical informatics space and performed computational analysis of whole genomes to determine genetic disease risk factors. Gabriel was also a directive member of communications and maintenance for the IEEE-EMBS Bioengineering Biomedical Group.

Gabriel is currently studying computational and data analysis practices for next-generation sequencing techniques and developing technologies for understanding genetic implications to cardiac pathologies. Gabriel is a member of the Biomedical Diversity and Minority Group and member of the Latinx/Puertorrican Inclusion Group at GSAS.

Gabriel hopes to expand his current findings in research into the realm of industrial therapeutics. He is determined to research novel treatments for emerging public health concerns.

Gabriel is an avid animal lover and likes to use his spare time to create playlists inspired by his written work. He also likes acrylic paintings and enjoys his time at the gym. Prior to the pandemic, Gabriel was an active Olympic trainee in the sport of Archery.

Currently Gabriel is fluent in English and Spanish and is polishing both literature and  comprehension skills in Portuguese, French, and Italian.


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