Statement on DACA

TO: HGC Board and Members

FROM: The Harvard Graduate Council

SUBJECT: Open Letter Regarding DACA Decision

DATE: 30 October, 2017


Dear Members,

When President Donald J. Trump decided that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program would be discontinued in six months, he jeopardized the immigration status of youth all across the United States of America.

This decision is of great concern to our council. DACA students pose neither a threat nor a burden to this country or Harvard, and rather enrich our community and contribute important scholarship. This body strongly believes that any question regarding their immigration status should be resolved not only in accordance with the law, but also in keeping with the principles of fairness and proportionality. The revocation of DACA, without any alternatives, falls well short of these ideals. 

The Harvard Graduate Council stands for truth, as reflected in the motto of the University, Veritas. Discovering truth across the intellectual disciplines requires the opportunity to engage in scholarship. ‘Dreamers’ have made significant contributions on our campus, and there should be no question about their place at Harvard University.

It is thus in unity that we reaffirm the importance of each and every member of our community and celebrate our collective strength in identifying solutions with diligence and respect. Individual freedoms transcend politics. While we recognize and respect the diversity of opinions at Harvard, as an advocate for integrity, peace, and justice, this body is united in our support for our undocumented peers.