Vice Chair of Governance


Mahnoor Umair, Harvard Divinity School

Mahnoor Umair is currently a second year Masters student at Harvard concentrating in Religion, Ethics, and Politics. She is originally from San Francisco and is a recent graduate from the University of Southern California where she received her Bachelor's in Philosophy, Politics, and Law. Mahnoor has been working towards filling the education inequality gap in Desert Cholistan, Pakistan with her nonprofit charity organization, Angels Without Boundaries through providing educational resources and infrastructure. She hopes that through providing children, especially young girls, in impoverished villages access to education, child labor and child marriages can be prevented. Mahnoor has also worked at the intersection of law and tech through her work with Snap Inc. and the United States Department of Justice. Ultimately, Mahnoor is committed to being an advocate for underprivileged youth and minorities on a global scale, and her passion for unveiling the injustices that are embedded in national and international government, and pursuing work to amend those injustices continues to advance during her time here.

Past Vice Chairs of Governance

  • Emily Chazen, 2018-2019
  • Hanes Roberts, 2017-2018
  • Robin Ladd/ Amjed, 2016-2017