Research Initiative from Extension School

January 24, 2017

As a result of HGC's initiative to foster One Harvard, Extension School Intructor launched a platform for emerging markets research.

A new research initiative has been launched at RUDN University in Moscow with support of Bruno S. Sergi, who is also an associate at Harvard University’s Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies as well as an instructor at Harvard University Extension School. Benefiting from a committed team of experts from different parts of the world, the International Center for Emerging Markets Research (ICEMR) aims to become a world leading academic hub for the study and analysis of emerging markets. ICEMR welcomes students who interested in emerging markets to submit proposals.

This new research center at RUDN University, which welcomes students from around 150 countries every year, will be seeking internal and external funding to support an impressive range of research and academic activities, including the prioritizing of a rich working agenda and distinction in research output. The Center will benefit from innovative research working groups, who will focus on experimental economics and green technologies, among other area. These areas of research will be novels for all researchers and scholars who study emerging markets.




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