Fostering One Harvard at The Game

November 29, 2016

by La'Toya Princess Jackson

New Unified Seating Block

As a result of HGC's advocacy efforts, for the first time in recent memory, Harvard College and Harvard graduate and professional students were seated in one unified seating block, creating a united student section that fostered the idea of One Harvard.

The Harvard Graduate Council led the initiative with the Harvard Athletics department to create a graduate seating section next to the undergraduate seating section. Graduate students packed the stadium for “The Game” for tailgating activities and to watch Harvard and Yale in an intense rivalry on the football field.… Read more about Fostering One Harvard at The Game

Election 2016: A Message from HGC President, Peter Dyrud

November 9, 2016

Dear Fellow Students,

Many of you have been deeply affected by election's results. The last night came as a surprise. I and HGC support the diversity of Harvard in all respects and support providing safe spaces during events that may be emotional. Along these lines, I want to reassure HGC's commitment in provision of collaborative opportunities across school lines, and HGC would be glad to direct students to already-organized support events or to create an impromptu gathering today.… Read more about Election 2016: A Message from HGC President, Peter Dyrud