Statement on Immigration

TO:   HGC Board and Members
FROM:  The Harvard Graduate Council
SUBJECT:  Open Letter Regarding Executive Order on Immigration
DATE:   13 February 2017

Dear Members,

We, the Harvard Graduate Council (HGC), the representative body for the 15,250 graduate
students of Harvard University, stand as a united body against the polarization affecting this
country and the rest of the world. On January 27th, 2017, an executive order was
issued that has brought fear, unrest, and anxiety to our communities — groups of great
diversity in interests and origins, to which we are all inextricably connected. We believe in
bridging the divisive nature of this order. We stand for providing safe environments dedicated
to equality and due process. Thus, with conviction, we join to reaffirm the importance of our
collective strength in communicating and identifying harmful behaviors and passionately,
but respectfully, challenging the apparatuses which create them. Irrespective of specific
politics, on which we respect the right of every student to his or her own opinion, this body is
united as advocates for truth, which includes the values of integrity and justice.

In Respectful Solidarity,

GSAS: Peter Dyrud, President; GSD: Carla Ferrer Llorca; HBS: Simeon Bochev, Vice President; HDS: Evelyn Nam; HES: Christopher Nagle; HLS: Robin Ladd; HKS: Faheem Rathore; HGSE: Lyndsay Pinkus; HSPH: Abhinav Reddy; HMS: Mark Zaki; HSDM: Stacey Rogers; SEAS: Kevin Tian, Chair of Finance


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