Fall 2019 Elections

The Fall 2019 elections for the Harvard Graduate Council will take place on Monday, 23rd of September 2019, 7-9PM.  Meeting location: Harvard Business School, Aldrich Hall, Room 109.

The following positions are up for election this Fall:

  • Chair of Finance
  • Chair of Internal Operations
  • Chair of Information
  • Vice Chair for Governance
  • Vice Chair for Student Groups
  • Vice Chair for Social Engagement
  • Vice Chair for Diversity
  • Vice Chair for Communication

To learn more about the responsibilities and expectations associated with each role, please review the position descriptions.


You must be a current Harvard graduate student enrolled in a degree program to be eligible to run for any of the positions. 

How to get started and what to expect

To officially declare your candidacy, please fill out the candidacy form here.  If you have any questions please email both governance@hgc.harvard.edu and president@hgc.harvard.edu

On the election day, you should be prepared to give a 3-minute speech about your qualifications and how you intend to contribute to the council's work. You may also be asked to answer questions or debate specific issues with other contenders. You can learn more about the election process, regulations, and procedures here. If elected to an HGC position you are expected to be available for for the HGC retreat on September 28, 2019.