Fall 2018 Elections

The Fall 2018 elections of the Harvard Graduate Council will take place on Monday, 17th September 2018, 7-9PM.  Please arrive to  Barker Center, Room 114 (Kresge Foundation Room), located at 12 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA 02138.

You must be a graduate student enrolled in a degree program to be eligible to run. All interested candidates are encouraged to email president@hgc.harvard.edu to officially declare their candidacy. In your email, please specify which role(s) you would like to run for. The following positions are up for election this fall:

Vice Chair for Governance

  • Oversee changes to the Constitution and By-Laws and maintain official, current copies of the Constitution and By-Laws
  • Manage votes and elections, ensuring everyone is aware of and follows regulations and a proper record of vote counts is kept
  • Administer E-votes, at the direction of the President
  • Monitor the flow of Council meetings and suggest procedural changes in the interest of fairness and efficiency
  • Actively solicit input for improved Council operation
  • Act as an objective mediator to help resolve disputes
  • Report to and assume duties of the Chair of Internal Operations as required

Vice Chair for Communication

  • Work to increase the visibility of HGC across Harvard University through all available channels by communicating HGC’s purpose in an exciting and engaging manner
  • Manage the distribution list for HGC email blasts, collect inputs, and compile and send regular email newsletters to a wide population
  • Manage and actively engage with HGC social media accounts, to include Facebook
  • Oversee HGC public relations by serving as a liaison to the press, other student governments, and other organizations; submit press releases for major HGC events
  • Maintain internal or external graphic design capability in order to generate necessary materials on request
  • Keep in active contact with the communications officers on each school’s student government in order to utilize school channels and expand HGC’s reach
  • Report to and assume duties of the Chair of Information as required

Vice Chair for Social Engagement

  • Oversee events concerning, but not limited to, social mixers, dances, arts, athletics, and family and spouses, usually less complex but more frequent than signature events
  • Be responsible for the organization of HGC-sponsored community service events and consider incorporating charitable donations into event plans
  • Coordinate joint events co-sponsored by other student groups or schools and provide a mechanism for schools to request that HGC sponsor or co-sponsor an event
  • Oversee the marketing of and recruitment for events, including both electronic and printed materials
  • Build and maintain a volunteer base for the organization and operation of events
  • Oversee ticketing procedures, including Eventbrite accounts
  • Report to and assume duties of the Chair of Events as required

Vice Chair for Student Groups

  • Assist the Chair of Finance in managing HGC finances and serve as an approval authority for purchases, reimbursements, and other cash flows
  • Assist the Office of the Provost in administering funding to officially-recognized University-wide Student Groups
  • Sit on the selection committee with the deans of students to approve USG applications
  • Serve as a liaison between HGC and USGs, compiling a list of relevant USG initiatives and events and communicating highlights to the Council
  • Compile and maintain a list of non-USG student groups and clubs at Harvard University’s 12 graduate and professional schools
  • Ensure financial oversight and accountability of HGC-sponsored or co-sponsored events
  • Report to and assume duties of the Chair of Finance as required

Vice Chair for Diversity

  • Support HGC’s overall advocacy priorities, as determined by the Chair of Advocacy under advisement by other Executive Board and Council members
  • Promote dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation across traditional lines of division
  • Work to ensure that the group of students involved with HGC remains diverse, in terms of demographics, viewpoint, and school represented, and remind HGC members to value diversity when inviting event speakers
  • Reach out to minority clubs and student groups at the Harvard graduate and professional schools, occasionally visit their meetings, and connect them with each other and Harvard Alumni Association Special Interest Groups
  • Serve as a point of contact for diversity-focused administrators in the Office of the Provost and Office of the Assistant to the Present, such as the Vice Provost for International Affairs and the Chief Diversity Officer
  • Liaise with Harvard University Disability Services, monitor campus building accessibility, and advocate for people with disabilities
  • Report to and assume duties of the Chair of Advocacy as required

Chair of Advocacy

  • Work with the HGC President, Executive Board, and Council members to set shared priorities and overall approach and philosophy for advocacy
  • Act as an advocate for student concerns that affect the Harvard graduate student community across multiple schools, help draft HGC resolutions or coordinated responses to current issues, and ensure that students with minority opinions also feel their voice is heard
  • Ensure that issues of student safety, including protection from sexual assault and sexual harassment, are prioritized by HGC, administration, and faculty
  • Coordinate a volunteer base for addressing issues pertaining to student advocacy and academic/professional development
  • Assist in constructing and coordinating dialogue and action on academic issues affecting the Harvard graduate student community and be the HGC contact for academic issues
  • Educate students in the Harvard community about issues of professional development
  • Oversee and hold ultimate responsibility for activities of the Vice Chair for Diversity

Chair of Information

  • Oversee design and maintenance of the HGC website, ensuring it is updated frequently
  • Regularly gather information on events or academic/research connections of interest at each school, and/or create an automated process to facilitate the sharing of opportunities across Harvard; accordingly, create and update a calendar of initiatives and events both internal and external to HGC
  • Manage email accounts and shared drives, ensuring that they are backed up and protected and access is appropriately limited
  • Serve as liaison for Harvard University IT
  • Investigate new technologies and methods of engagement
  • Work to ensure that HGC becomes a source of valuable information of interest to students across Harvard University, in support of the One Harvard concept
  • Oversee and hold ultimate responsibility for activities of the Vice Chair for Communication