External Advocacy Committee (EAC)

The External Advocacy Committee is the representative body of external advocacy for All of Harvard’s graduate and professional students policy positions on behalf of the Harvard Graduate Council. The Committee firmly supports rights and diversity, quality of life, civic engagement and voting rights, higher education funding, research and development funding, international student issues and promoting research; further details can be found in the EAC Charter.

EAC Advisor:

Jasmin Frankel (HES) 

EAC Members:

Mary Moon (HDS) - Vice Chair
Carl Ceraolo (HSPH)
Rashmi Singh (HGSE)
Kyle Yoder (HKS)
Molly Coleman (HLS)
Nao Ouyang (SEAS)
Naksha Satish (GSD)

If you are interested in joining the External Advocacy Committee please email advocacy@hgc.harvard.edu


  • As COVID-19 made its devastating impact globally, a surge of tension and xenophobia has developed. We are in support of diffusing those tensions, especially when it comes to racism. We the EAC do not support calling the current global pandemic the "Wuhan Virus," the "Chinese Virus," or anything of the like. You can view EAC's statement here.  
  • The External Advocacy Committee (EAC) has signed on to three statements drafted by MIT's External Advocacy Board (EAB). These statements were then presented to representatives at the Massachusetts Statehouse for discussion at the bi-yearly statehouse visit. Due to COVID-19, this year the EAC will be joining the EAB on April 15, 2020 for a virtual Statehouse visit to propose the following three statements:
  1. Statement in Support of Carbon Pricing and Renewable Energy Mandates
  2. Statement in Support of Legislation to Reduce Sexual Misconduct on Higher Education Campuses
  3. Statement in support of increased funding for the Global Entrepreneur in Residence (GIER) Program