Events Co-Sponsorship Application

If you would like HGC to consider co-sponsoring an event you are organizing, please approach us early in the planning process and include all known information. Here is an example of such an application (with a Word document template attached at the bottom of the page):


Date: [November 25, 2016]

Dear Harvard Graduate Council,

On behalf of [organization, school, individuals, or other sponsoring group], I am writing to formally request that you consider co-sponsoring an upcoming event. The proposed event is [event title] and is expected to take place on [date or date range]. We [have already/have not yet] secured a venue.  [If this event is being organized by a student organization within one of the graduate/professional schools, include the following statement, if true (normally required for consideration): We have received the endorsement of our student government association for this event.]

[Insert one-paragraph summary of event. Example: LTL is a community-wide event that brings together faculty from each of the twelve graduate and professional schools at Harvard University to deliver brief lectures for the Harvard community.  LTL serves as an intersection for faculty to share the insights of their respective fields of study, and the event grants the Harvard community a unique opportunity to hear from some of the brightest minds representing a variety of intellectual backgrounds.  The “2016 Lectures That Last: Crossroads” will be held on Saturday, February 6 from 7-9 PM in Memorial Chapel.]

We so far have the following individual(s) committed to leading planning and organization: [individual names]

We so far have the additional individual(s) planning to serve as volunteers: [individual names]

The involvement we would like from the Harvard Graduate Council is: [describe request]

We estimate that the event expenses will total [approximate dollar amount] and request that HGC contribute in the range of [approximate funding range desired, in dollars]. Below are our estimates for total event budget:

[Example budget below]


Cost ($)

Venue Rental




Audio/Video Equipment Rental




Custodial Services


Refreshments for Speaker




Graphic Design


Name Tag Covers


Volunteer Certificates


A draft of the event agenda we envision is below:

[Example agenda below]

6:30    Doors open

7:05    Ask audience to find a seat; opening remarks

7:10     Speaker 1 (3-5 minutes + 2 minute cushion + 3 minute transition/setup/intro for next speaker = realistically 10 minutes per speaker slot)

7:20     Speaker 2

7:30     Speaker 3

7:40     Speaker 4

7:50     Speaker 5

8:00     Speaker 6

8:10     Speaker 7

8:20     Speaker 8

8:30     Speaker 9

8:40     Speaker 10

8:50     Speaker 11

9:00     Speaker 12

9:10     Concluding remarks, 2 minutes

9:15     Audience exits, begin breakdown of A/V equipment, volunteers pick up litter

9:45     All exit

Thank you for considering co-sponsorship of this event.



[Name and contact information]


When you have completed as much as possible of this application, please send the letter to You will receive a response, either an answer or a request for more information, within 7 days.

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