Chair of Internal Operations


Tracie Gordon


I am currently serving as Director of Events on HESA’s Board 2015-2016, 2016-2017. I’ve spent most of my life in hospitality and project management, having worked in a number of venues between New York and South Beach. Project management became a passion after a stint with a number of high end developments in Nassau, Bahamas. An avid traveler, with a desire to finish my education brought me to Harvard. Possessing a lust for life, I hope to share my experiences and spread joy to each and every person I meet. I enjoy networking and hope this quality will allow me to achieve harmony thru perseverance and dogged determination to all events. I look forward to working in politics, after graduation. I recently relocated to Cambridge and look forward to becoming an active community member. My door is always open and a phone call, text, tweet or email is always welcomed and returned. I hope to add to all Harvard’s student experiences, fostering a respect and overall cohesiveness to the student population. I enjoy a number of indoor and outdoor activities and can be seen singing OUT LOUD, even if off key! Having achieved the status of Director of Events in 2015 and reelected in 2016 I enjoy my role as Director of Events @ HESA and as Chair of Internal Operations, I aspire to build upon the strong foundation presented by both the President and Vice President of HGC, by creating a seamless environment for inclusiveness, proactive communication and bond building, with both the HGC Board and the students we represent.