Chair of Advocacy

Dana Rassas

Dana Rassas - HKS

Dana Rassas is a mid-career Master in Public Administration (MPA) Candidate, and Edward Mason Program in Public Policy and Management Fellow.

Dana has spent her life in the Middle East and has gained experience during the last decade in consensus building, bringing people from different backgrounds to the table, and building capacity through professional and leadership trainings.  Dana worked for the U.S. Department of State at the American Consulate General in Jerusalem covering the economic development, entrepreneurship, science and technology innovation and environmental portfolio.  As the Deputy Director of the American Cultural Spaces, she has managed grants in the West Bank, Jerusalem & Gaza including technical assistance, financial management, and implementation oversight. Dana earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in computer languages from Brigham Young University.  Her master’s degree in Desert Studies from Ben Gurion University. She has also graduated from the Environmental Leadership program at U.C. Berkeley, the National Parks Institute national parks training, and the conflict resolution and leadership training and Bennington College